An Utterly Unrepresentative Poll – with a Lesson

Disclaimer: This poll says absolutely nothing about the outcome of tomorrow’s election. The sample group is in no way representative of the Bahamian electorate. Here is how these numbers were arrived at: I spoke to my friends. My close friends. My really close friends.

Generally, I do not believe in sharing what I do inside the voting booth with other people, certainly not publicly. However, there are a few, very few people, with whom I can agree to disagree easily and amicably enough to share this information. These are the people represented in this poll.

Apart from being my friends, these voters also have a few other things in common. They have all lived abroad for some time, in most cases to pursue university degrees. And none of them remember what they did on 10th July, 1973, either because they were too young, or because they were not born yet. They are, in a way, representative members of that group of voters who feels at home in this digital and global age.

And here is what they said about voting tomorrow:

Polls open in ten hours, and the majority of my sample group are either undecided, or have already decided that they cannot decide. The FNM and the PLP have been unable to sway these voters with the smokescreens and trashtalking at their panem et circenses rallies, with jingles and free t-shirts. And, while everybody gives the DNA credit for at least talking to voters about issues, the DNA’s conservatism on social issues has caused the majority in my sample group to consider anyone but them.

Yes, spoilt ballots do not count against a candidate, and while undecideds may mark their X for somebody after all, there is a possibility that, if ten hours before voting begins you do not know whom to vote for, you may stay home rather than line up. Both of this will damage the mandate of a government, and it erodes the public’s trust in the democratic process, for it shows the lack of trust in its trustees. Maybe, just maybe, it was not such a good idea for Ingraham, Christie et al. to ignore voters who #DemandDebates.


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