I’m Too Sexy, or: If Politics is not for you, try Comedy

One result of the 7th May general elections that did not surprise was the loss of the FNM’s Cassius Stuart in Bamboo Town, which saw the interesting race of of three transparty politicians. The FNM’s Branville McCartney ran on the DNA’s ticket, and came third. The BDM’s Cassius Stuart ran on the FNM’s ticket and came second. And the NDP’s Renward Well’s ran on the PLP’s ticket and won. So, Cassius Stuart lost. Again.

When the FNM unveiled its candidates, Stuart had shared with the voters why the leader of the BDM was now running for the FNM. He said, and I paraphrase, that he was sick and tired of losing, that he finally wanted to win a seat in the House and if that meant changing parties, so be it. Therefore, he said, he called both Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham, and because Ingraham called back first, he was now with the FNM. What a fine, principled young man.

Now, the leader of the unsuccessful BDM and the unsuccessful FNM candidate for Bamboo Town wants to reach for the deputy leader of the opposition position. Because he is sexy. And that is how my day started. For the rest of the day, social networks felt a little like a Comedy Central Roast of @SexyCassius242: “Look at my new campaign video: http://www.jibjab.com/view/BFifdhiBcSEsy3S7 Please Share the Sexy! #Bahamas2012”

As @TeejGrant commented, this announcement was “political abortion, because his political career hadn’t even been born yet.” Thanks for the laughs though.


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