Perry Christie’s 2012 BGCSE Exam

Dear Readers,

15th August, 2012, marks the 100th day of Perry Christie’s second term as prime minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Before the elections, his PLP published a Charter outlining a number of goals they promised to accomplish by Day 100:

  1. Launch key elements of Project Safe Bahamas and Operation Cease Fire, including the reintroduction of Urban Renewal, to immediately reinvigorate the fight against crime and violence.
  2. Prioritize a doubling of the nation’s investment in the education and training of Bahamians. From preschools all the way up to retraining for Bahamians already in the workforce, we need new investment and innovative reforms.
  3. Create a Ministry for Grand Bahama, bringing focus to growing that island’s economy.
  4. Institute a mortgage relief plan in conjunction with private sector lenders to help struggling homeowners.
  5. Set in motion the plan to secure the nation’s borders, with steps to hire new personnel, acquire new technology, and initiate new training programmes.
  6. Reposition The Bahamas Development Bank, so it becomes again a key player in creating jobs and expanding small and medium-sized businesses.
  7. Re-establish the Ministry of Financial Services and Investments.
  8. Introduce the Employees Pension Fund Protection Act to keep pension funds out of reach for business owners, and to make directors and officers personally liable for breaches.
  9. Renew the nation’s commitment to National Health Insurance, and support the Public Hospitals Authority in the acquisition of much-needed new cancer-screening technology, ensuring that Bahamian women have access to state-of-the-art mammogram machines at both Princess Margaret in New Providence and Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama.
  10. Initiate a plan to lower the cost of electricity in The Bahamas.
  11. Bring together representatives from all sectors to launch a 40th Anniversary of Independence National Congress to begin enactment of Vision 2030.
  12. Provide details for a referendum on a National Lottery and gambling in The Bahamas.
  13. Reduce the maximum level of stamp tax payable on real estate transactions from 12% to 10%.
  14. Re-introduce a ceiling on the maximum level of real property taxes payable on a residence.

In an effort to hold our elected officials accountable, I ask you to join me in writing the #Bahamas2012 report card. I would like to see how the Bahamian electorate views the current administration’s performance. Please take a few minutes to answer the survey linked below, the results of which I will publish right here on Under the Almond Tree – converted to letter grades and all. It’s Perry Christie’s time to face “his 2012 BGCSE exam.”

Please participate in this survey: Perry Christie’s First 100 Days.
[EDIT: As of 2nd September, 2012, the survey has been closed and is no longer accepting responses. -sba.]

For more information on the PLP’s “A Charter for Governance,” you can read the original document in its entirety on Bahamas Weekly.