All Except

“Attorney General, Allyson Maynard Gibson said yesterday the Constitution should be amended to end all forms of discrimination, except discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Mrs Maynard Gibson said there have been no reported cases where anyone has alleged discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation therefore there are ‘far more pressing matters that need to be considered’.” (S. Brown. “An End to Discrimination – Except over Sexuality.” The Tribune, 11th June, 2013.)

One must ask in which Bahamas Maynard-Gibson lives? Surely, not the Bahamas in which “sissy” is an acceptable way of publicly putting somebody down? Surely not the Bahamas were you get convicted of manslaughter – instead of murder – when you kill a homosexual man because he was making advances towards you? Surely not the Bahamas featured so prominently in Rosie O’Donnell’s “All Aboard” (2006)?

If you would like a piece of Maynard-Gibson’s Bahamas, a Bahamas where no discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation exists, please sign this petition, so that our current Bahamas, which is characterised by exclusion rather than inclusion, may one day become this paradise that the Attorney General apparently already lives in.

© by Stephen B. Aranha

© by Stephen B. Aranha


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