Don’t Limit my Minecraft

This article is a contribution by my son, Zachary Aranha, a sixth grade student at Summit Academy (Bahamas), who decided to make a written argument for more computer time.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Why would someone make an argument about video games?” Some parents don’t allow their kids to play video games during the week. Well, you should know all the facts before your opinion is set in stone. For example, did you know that kids who play video games, such as Minecraft, do better in “thinking” and active jobs? (P. Trunk, Kids Who Play Video Games Do Better In Their Careers.)

You probably want to hear about the game. Here it is. Minecraft is a computer game about breaking and placing blocks, exploring, and surviving. The only combat is in swords and bows, with no guns at all. Compared to most shooting games, it is far less violent. People can play together on servers and alone on single player.

First of all, Minecraft is appropriate. The only form of violence is self-defence. The Entertainment Software Rating Board, a company that rates video games, has workers to play and rate video games. Minecraft is Everyone 10+, which makes sense. Research shows video games like Minecraft improve skills like hand-to-eye coordination and strategic thinking.

Some people may say Minecraft is a bad influence on kids, or that it has bad ideas involved. They, to put it mildly, are wrong. Minecraft teaches cooperation, teamwork, and brings family together. Studies show that Minecraft doesn’t decrease academic performance; on the contrary, it can in fact help children struggling with dyslexia. (, Should Kids Be Playing Video Games?)

People may also think that Minecraft is useless. That is also, in all fairness, incorrect. Minecraft has positive effects on symptoms of diseases. For example, playing video games helps patients who suffer from diseases such as Parkinson’s, by lessening the twitching. (M. Vila, 7 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play Video Games.) A deep study also showed that playing video games can cause “flow”, the highest possible form of learning. (P. Trunk.)

So, as you can see, Minecraft is good for everyone, from diseased to demented. Not only does it improve school performance, but it teaches elements of life that you will need in the future. Lastly, and I hope you’ll agree, is that when families play together, they come closer and become more friendly toward everyone! (M. Vila.) Many days, many months, and many years have gone into the research I have used. So, be thankful for the scientists’ studies and be glad they will always study for every situation.


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