Hurricane Joaquin Relief Effort, Part 4


Please contribute to our relief efforts via our crowdfunding page at

7:00 pm: Our last plane just safely returned to Nassau. Tired crews will now have a well deserved break, because tomorrow will be another busy day. Good night.

5:30 pm: Our first team, a helicopter that went as far as Buckleys, Long Island, just returned to Nassau. Debriefing now.

3:35 pm: Many of our volunteers have to return to their regular work tomorrow, but we – and the people of the southern Bahamas – still need your help. If you can, we are looking for ten volunteers to help us at Odyssey Aviation starting at 7am tomorrow. Also, Fast Ferries is joining the relief effort tomorrow, too, and we need another ten volunteers out at Potters Cay dock at 7am.

3:30 pm: The DC-3 has returned from the Exuma hub, and Florida Air Cargo has kindly donated another flight to the South. Plane being loaded at this moment, and we hope it’ll be in the air in a few more minutes.

2:20 pm: The first photos are reaching us from Crooked Island, as our team has returned to the hub in Exuma – and thus cell coverage. They were able to land and unload in Pitts Town, after clearing some debris to allow vehicles access to the planes and their cargo.

1:45 pm: Palette shortage overcome, thanks to the donations by Nassau Paper Company, and one other donor whom I unfortunately didn’t catch. Let me know if you see this, because you do deserve a shout out. Thanks!

1:00 pm: A seaplane is enroute to our hub in Exuma to provide the first load of relief items for Clarence Town, Long Island, which still cannot be reached by road. We are feverishly working on scheduling a second flight in the morning, for we have received urgent please for prescription medicines by some of the residents there.

12:00 pm: Does anybody have a ground contact with authorities in Acklins to ensure that relief items can be received and distributed? We have a seaplane ready to go.

10:00 am: Now loading a DC-3, the use of which has been donated by Florida Air Cargo. These planes have been the backbone of air cargo since WW2. It will carry goods to Exuma from where smaller planes and helicopters will distribute it to communities the big planes cannot reach.

9:30 am: We need more palettes at Odyssey Aviation for our airlift. Please contact us if you can assist: 427-2009.

8:55 am: No, we cannot take you to the affected islands to see your loved ones. Every body in an aircraft means extra weight, which in turn means either less fuel (thus limiting our range), or less supplies (thus providing less relief). Additional people in the affected islands also increase the need for supplies. Please understand!

8:35 am: Please continue to donate relief goods, our collection point at Odyssey Aviation on the Coral Harbour Road is operational. In particular, we need more WATER and TARPS, as well as all the other items from previous lists.

8:25 am: Doctors and nurses boarding the next flight to Crooked Island, accompanied by Archdeacon Keith Cartwright.

8:20 am: First plane is in the air, a seaplane headed for southern Long Island. Two more taxiing out now, bound for Rum Cay and Crooked Island.

8:00 am: We are expecting five more pilots and their planes to join us from Florida today. Thank you to our brothers and sisters in the North for their support!

7:00 am: So far, we have 21 flights scheduled for the day, covering Crooked Island, Long Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador. Unfortunately, we are unable to safely fly into Acklins at this point, but we will be carrying several RBDF Marines to Crooked Island, who are expected to assisst with clearing the runway in Spring Point.


2 responses to “Hurricane Joaquin Relief Effort, Part 4

  1. Hi, do you still need a contact for Acklins? My husband is from Acklins. He is heading there with food supplies. He can also assit you. He has a Satellite phone. There is no communication on the island.

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