Hurricane Joaquin Relief Effort, Part 5

My apologies for arriving late today, my other job placed its demands on me. Let me update you, as our team of volunteers updates me:

As usual at the top: our donation link via

10:10 pm: Last plane landed safely. We will now finalise tomorrow’s schedule, and fly more relief items to the southern Bahamas.

9:20 pm: Last flight in to Nassau delayed, because the VIPs who commandeered it are now insisting on having dinner in Exuma first.

8:00 pm: Social Services has picked up the Crooked Island evacuees, and contrary to some posts on social media, the donated clothes have proven very useful. For this group, and others, too.

7:30 pm: Planes with evacuees from Crooked Island are arriving in Nassau. Waiting on Social Services to accommodate them for the night. And beyond. Many show serious symptoms of PTSD.

6:00 pm: As we are waiting for our crews to return we take tally. 20,000 lbs of relief goods left Nassau airport on our planes today, more left from the Exuma hub. In total, we operated thirty flights.

4:20 pm: We need gallon-size Ziploc bags for repackaging some items at Odyssey Aviation to ensure better distribution on the affected islands. Can anyone help, please?

4:00 pm: The last flight from Nassau just departed. Flights from Exuma will continue until shortly before sunset.

Monday Morning: We have scheduled more than 20 flights throughout the day, covering all the affected islands of the Bahamas; inaccessible places are being reached by helicopter or seaplane – completely inaccessible places will see some airdrops during the day. This, however, means that the most pressing items, especially water, cannot be provided, as they would burst upon impact.