Hurricane Joaquin Relief Effort, Part 8

As before, this page will be updated, as the day develops. At the top, as usual, our plea for donations for aviation fuel via our crowdfunding page at

10:05 pm: We’re aiming for 8am departures tomorrow. If you can help us out, this is what we’re looking for, specifically for Crooked Island: water, tarps, flashlights, batteries, soap and bug spray.

9:45 pm: I usually close the day earlier than this, but we *always* wait for our last plane to come back home safely, and tonight, it took longer than usual. That is because our last plane did not come back to Nassau, but landed in Cat Island, and did not get back into the air before sunset. The crew, however, are safe and sound, and found themselves a cozy hotel room. Good night from Odyssey, where we packed and moved thousands of pounds of relief supplies for the southern islands of the Bahamas today. Thank you to all donors and volunteers.

4:30 pm: Thank you to Spectrum Light & Sound for relieving us of a truck load of waste. There will be more tomorrow. Or even later today.

3:30 pm: Is there anyone out there who can arrange a garbage collection at Odyssey today? 124,000 lbs of goods left a lot of waste.

1:30 pm: Thanks to somebody’s homemade chicken souse, George Myers’ KFC and Swiss Pastry’s desserts, our volunteers are well fed for the day. If somebody wants to drop by a case of cold sodas, Gatorade or water, however, they’d receive a hero’s welcome…

12:20 pm: Missionary Flights International out of Fort Pierce, FL, has joined our airlift effort. Their turbine DC-3 is currently at Odyssey, being loaded for its second flight of the day.

11:00 am: Items needed urgently today include: snack foods (think granola bars), sharpie markers, and boxes (think beer case size) – for we received 124,000 lbs of non-perishables last night that have to be packed. To help us achieve this, we are also looking for volunteers out at Odyssey Aviation. (Thank you to Darville Packaging and Burns House for donating more boxes, and to Spectrum Light & Sound for the delivery.)

9:30 am: The morning flights have all departed. One whole plane load of medicine, including insulin headed south, another plane with livestock feed, etc. The Orange Box Brigade is busy packing boxes of mixed goods for when they return.


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