Hurricane Joaquin Relief Effort, Part 9

Our team at Odyssey Aviation will keep you updated all day long, on this page, on Twitter at @StormRelief242 and on our various Facebook accounts. If you could, please contribute to our fuel bill via our crowdfunding account on

7:00 pm: To date, our team of volunteers at Odyssey has received 500,000 lbs of donations. But on day 10 after the storm, we have to consider winding down our airlift operation. Given the extent of the longterm recovery work needed, our involvement in the recovery effort is the immediate response, getting emergency supplies to the affected islands fast, fully exploition our aircraft’s speed advantage. By the time we hit a quarter of a million pounds of supplies delivered, this will equate to over 50 lbs of supplies per person affected, after which the normal flow of ships should be sufficient to support them. As a charity group, supported by the donations of individuals, corporations and NGOs we are obliged to spend those funds in the most effective and responsible way possible. Therefore, on Wednesday we will fly our last cargo flight for the recovery effort; our flights to support the urgent needs of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and other support personnel will continue. By stopping our cargo flights we are not giving up on the islands hit hard, but switching to the long term recovery where we go from keeping people alive to getting them back on their feet and more importantly back to work.

6:30 pm: Apart from our fleet of TIA planes and other Nassau-based pilots, we did get another DC-3 in the air today. The hangar is emptying, we expect that by Wednesday, mailboats will be able to fully supply the southern Bahamas.

2:45 pm: We’ve almost packed up the warehouse. I mean, hangar. One more big plane to load for the day, plenty boxes ready for tomorrow.

2:15 pm: Two more planes on the way. Sometimes I’m amazed just how many of the “mixed goods” boxes you can load into a small private plane.

1:00 pm: Two planes returned, two medical evacuations.

10:10 am: Golden WIngs Charter has joined the airlift. Their Islander just pulled up to the hanger, and it is now being loaded with orange boxes.

9:25 am: The last one of our morning flights just took to the air. We expect them back in about four hours, when they will do another run.

8:50 am: Yes, it’s Sunday, but if anybody can have a truck come by and pick up a load of rubbish, mostly cardboard and other packing materials, you’d be one of today’s heroes.

8:30 am: Five planes loaded, one already taxiing out. Priority needs for the day include mosquito repellent, batteries, tarps, flashlights, soap, and marker pens.


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